A pressing issue of our time

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Income inequality is the difference in levels of income across a population. Income includes wages from employment, investments, real estate, and any other taxable financial gains.

America has an income inequality problem. The richest Americans are getting paid increasingly more and accumulating greater wealth, and the income and wealth of nearly everyone else is stagnating or decreasing.

The United States has the highest GDP and largest economy of any nation in the world, an economic position it has held for 150 years. Over the past century, the prosperity generated by the growing economy could have created a sizable increase in…

Some people need more or less sleep than average

Orange cat sleeping on fluffy bed
Orange cat sleeping on fluffy bed
Photo by Александар Цветановић from Pexels

Americans have a complicated relationship with sleep. 35% of adults sleep less than the recommended minimum 7 hours each night. More than half of us take a nap at least once per week on average. The share of high school students with sleep deprivation, defined as less than 8 hours per night, approaches 70%.

Since limited sleep is widespread across the country, it’s difficult to imagine that there might be adults who sleep even more than the recommended 7 to 9 hours per night.

About 2% of people may naturally need more than the recommended amount of sleep, and instead…

Sarah Lydia

Writer based in Atlanta.

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